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We get it, sometimes you have questions or don’t know where to start - we’ve put a few things together we get asked a lot but if you don’t see the answer you’re looking for, just get in contact!

What is included in my quote?
We’re pretty experienced at putting together quotes after years in the business so your quote will include all our costs for the project.
What kind of equipment do you have to use for my project?
We have excavators, tippers, loaders and bobcats, plus we can source other vehicles and machinery as needed.
Does stamping the concrete weaken it?
Not at all! Your concrete can be functional and attractive.
Are the sheds designed to be built on a slab or concrete footings?
We can do either; whichever suits your needs better.
Why shouldn't I just do it myself?
You can save yourself a lot of time and money in the long run by having your project completed by a professional, like the team at Celadon!
What do I have to do about contacting my council for my project?
The Celadon team can organise everything with your council, from start to finish of the project and includes applicaiotns and submissions on building works.
Who is responsible for the footpath crossing when laying a new driveway?
The property owner and the local council will need to work together if your new driveway has a footpath crossing, but we’re here to help with this process!
Do I need to get my concrete project designed by an engineer?
A lot of the projects we complete don’t need to be designed by an engineer but if it’s for a structural requirement, engineering involvement will be required.
Do I need to design my concrete project?
We can do that for you or work with existing designs, whatever you need!
How quickly could you start my project?
Depending on your needs, your location and how many projects we have on at the time, we can make a plan with you to organise a timeline. It’s usually possible to start within a month or so.
What are your sheds made from?
Your shed can be any type you like! We try to work with Australian suppliers wherever possible and can help with recommendations if you want as well.